Technologies for Genuine Security

Optical security features by JSC RPC KRYPTEN are used for banknotes, passports, payment cards, and ID documents. KRYPTEN produces security holograms, holographic laminates, labels, and various holographic elements to protect against counterfeiting.

Central banks, state organizations, and brands choose our technologies to guarantee product authenticity. KRYPTEN implements state-of-the-art optical technologies and innovative materials to offer our customers security elements incorporating vibrant visual effects along with fast identification and robust anti-counterfeiting security.

Our solutions

Banknote Security

Security threads, stripes and patches with bright optical features ensure high level of banknote protection. We offer efficient, reliable and cost-saving solutions for high- and low-denomination banknotes.

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ID Security

We produce security laminates, overlays, inlays, patches, and self-adhesive films for paper and plastic documents. They contain a number of optical security features protecting the holder’s data against counterfeiting.

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Brand Security

Well-known brands use holographic elements to protect their products against counterfeiting and verify authenticity of documents such as licenses, certificates and policies.

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Smart-HIT® Security

Smart-HIT® covert security elements are used for banknotes and documents with transparent windows. Smart-HIT® dynamic effects are easily visualised with a ubiquitous smartphone.

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HoloTWINS® Two-Sided Security Stripe

Striking effects and intuitive identification – ideal protection for window banknotes.

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3D-Gram® Security Stripe

Сombination of technologies: 3D photopolymer effects and jewelry precision demetallization.

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3D-Gram® Photopolymer Holograms

Unique patented technology. Vibrant colours and 3D-effects.

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Hologram with Augmented Reality

Combination of classic holographic effects and digital technologies – a new level of counterfeit protection.

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HoloTWINS® Two-Sided Holograms

Precise solution for banknotes with windows. Easy to remember – impossible to forge.

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Smart-HIT® Technology

Simple identification of covert security features with a smartphone.

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JoStick® Technology for Plastic Cards

Guaranteed security of holder’s personal data.

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BiMetal Technology

Bimetal patterns for banknotes and documents: striking effects and instant identification.

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